CÂLIN story

Fashion brand CÂLIN (read: kalān) was established in 2003 by the designer Azra Huskic.
The official creation of the brand is related to the selection of the best creation that Miss BiH wore at Miss World beauty pageant.
At this competition, the dress, created by the designer Azra Huskic, was chosen among the 6 most beautiful dresses out of the 58 which could have been seen…

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Collection Sequence

Fall/Winter 18/19

Fall/Winter Sequence collection is creative and orientational sequel to the previous collection Change, which marked the turning point for Calin aesthetic direction and its 15-year-long development. Sequence follows the brand’s emphasis of quality and multi-functionality.
Every piece is unique in its own design and offers endless possibilities to turn daily clothing into fashion statement.


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“Every CÂLIN model is a domestic product from the beginning until the end, made with love and desire to spread our creative vision all around the world.”